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"When I ask people questions about spiritual concepts, I often just receive more elusive concepts in return. Not Akemi. In this book, she gets to the core of many concepts. She is almost like a spiritual mechanic or technician in that she'll get to the nuts and bolts of spirituality in plain language."

"Everything makes more sense ..."

"I have been studying spirituality for over 40 years, Edgar Cayce, Manly Palmer Hall, H. Spencer Lewis and I enjoyed reading Akemi's book just as much." 

(from Amazon customer reviews)

WHY WE ARE BORN is the clear and concise guide to life and spirituality for all of us. 

Why We Are Born: Remembering Our Purpose through the Akashic Records 

The paperback is available in USA, Canada, and Europe; in addition to the Amazon online store, your local bookstores should be able to order a copy for you. (Subject to their policy.) It's also available worldwide as Kindle eBook.




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Wondering how reincarnation works over multiple lifetimes? Here is a novel that illustrates it. I REMEMBER YOU was originally published in six installments; the new All-in-One edition replaces them. Enjoy! (Currently available only as Kindle eBook.) 





Did you know you don't need the Kindle device to read Kindle eBooks? You can download the FREE app at Amazon and read on your phone, tablet, or computer.