Recent photo of Akemi G. (High resolution image available upon request.) 

Recent photo of Akemi G. (High resolution image available upon request.) 

Akemi is a spiritual messenger with rare clarity. People of all walks of life, whether they consider themselves as spiritual or not, are attracted to her easy-to-understand, unpretentious words. She is soft-spoken yet unafraid to point out the various spiritual myths such as "Life is a school." 

She has assisted many clients with her insightful Akashic Record Reading service. She does not do Q&A session and charge by the time; her reading is like a physical check-up, in which she checks a set of criteria to uncover the root cause of issues, including the issues the clients may not be aware of, at a flat rate. (Currently, she is not taking orders.) 

She is originally from Japan and has been living in the United States since 1995. Before moving to Oregon and starting her own business, she had her share of corporate life in Ohio and Tennessee. She is proud of her rich life experiences and multicultural background, which help her connect with various people worldwide. 

Akemi is available for interviews and book readings. Please use the contact form to contact her. 

Her first book, Why We Are Born, dispels fear and shame based spirituality. After writing this nonfiction, she turned to writing novels. Perhaps the best way to follow her publishing projects is by Amazon author page. GoodReads is another great source. 

To hear her voice, please check her YouTube videos